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It may be strong by OmileoSan It may be strong :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 1 0 Harumatsu by OmileoSan Harumatsu :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 1 0 Rennushi by OmileoSan Rennushi :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 2 2 Haruka OC by OmileoSan Haruka OC :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 1 2 Bast by OmileoSan Bast :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 0 0 You!You!You!Minki!Dee! by OmileoSan You!You!You!Minki!Dee! :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 0 0 I got my Electro Swing by OmileoSan I got my Electro Swing :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 1 11 Danny OC by OmileoSan Danny OC :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 0 0 Kishumi by OmileoSan Kishumi :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 3 5 Maestra by OmileoSan Maestra :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 0 0 Losing control by OmileoSan
Mature content
Losing control :iconomileosan:OmileoSan 2 0
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olha isso ta decepcionante by Lucct olha isso ta decepcionante :iconlucct:Lucct 2 6 Tsuritama Stamp by junko-in-the-box Tsuritama Stamp :iconjunko-in-the-box:junko-in-the-box 107 0 Made by Satan by Ajgiel Made by Satan :iconajgiel:Ajgiel 1,849 58 Toshiro by Shienshii Toshiro :iconshienshii:Shienshii 4 1 Zacharie by ISosiskaI Zacharie :iconisosiskai:ISosiskaI 113 5 Hey girl, open the walls, play with your dolls by TheIceViking Hey girl, open the walls, play with your dolls :icontheiceviking:TheIceViking 118 23 A New Beginning by FauxArmour A New Beginning :iconfauxarmour:FauxArmour 3 0 Allen you awkward piece of shit. by KingNeroche Allen you awkward piece of shit. :iconkingneroche:KingNeroche 566 78
(Crush's Name) x Reader x (M!BFF's Name) Part 10
    It's been one month since the incident. You were back to your old self, but there was still a void in your heart. You missed them... A lot... (M!BFF's Name) said he was coming to visit today. You then heard the door open. Remembering that (M!BFF's Name) has a key, you stayed in your position. When (M!BFF's Name) walked in, he sighed at the sight. There you were, watching (Fave Anime/ TV Show), a blanket draped over your head and wrapped around your body. He sat next to you. You scoot over to the side of the couch. (M!BFF's Name) smirks and moves closer to you. You move again. He moves closer. The two of you do this for a time until you reach the arm of the couch. You then groan. 
    "WINNER!" (M!BFF's Name) shouts as he punches a fist up into the air. You chuckle. "Now share that blanket, (Nickname)!" He says as he pulls the blanket out of your grasp and throws it upon himself. Revealing your shorts and tank top.
    "Hey! Get your own
:iconkaykay12160:kaykay12160 40 33
Furry Girls Group - Soledad (5-100) by KeroTzuki94 Furry Girls Group - Soledad (5-100) :iconkerotzuki94:KeroTzuki94 54 2
One Lucky Girl chap1, A reader x 2D fanfic
   "Hey!" someone shouted. "Hey! Wake up!" I opened my eyes reluctantly to see who was shouting. I couldn't focus my eyes so all i could see was a big blue blob. "She's waking up" the person said to themselves. 'Wait...where am I?' I thought to myself. 'How did I get here?' Then you started to panic thinking about all the bad situations that can and could have happened... "Are you ok?" the stranger said, his breath rolling over your skin smelling like cigarettes.
  "No" you replied as you tried to stand up. Your head was pounding with a bad headache and you were sore all over, your muscles hurt like hell...
  "Yah shouldn't be trying to move, here let meh help you" he said as you eyes started to focus back.
 "well damn" you said looking at the person who helped you up. He has silky blue hair slightly spiky in the back and sides, he's wearing a white tee-shirt with a Four leaved clover with Lucky imprinted on the
:icon2-d-e-n-t-s:2-D-e-n-t-s 45 9
Riddles (Hiro Hamada X Reader)
Author's Note: Takes place before the events of the movie since Hiro is still in high school. Hiro is like 13-14 and the reader is 14, and this takes place in Hiro's and the reader's final year of high school (since they're both super smart and able to graduate early). I hope I got his personality right!   ;w;
You frowned, struggling to understand the problem. You were in your AP Calculus class, and you were completely confused. Normally you understood the work, but you had finished your final exam the week before and your teacher was trying to give you a bit of a break by assigning you word problems.
And you were absolutely stuck.
You liked riddles, you did, but you sucked at them. You would’ve just asked someone for help, if not for the fact that you didn’t actually have any friends in that class.
There were some people you had thought were your friends, but as soon as the teacher had handed out the assignment, they had all formed a group, and not
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 438 151
Hiro Hamada X Paralyzed!Reader: Fix You
~Warning: This reader insert contains a, yet every obvious if you have seen the trailers, spoiler for the movie: Big Hero Six. It is a small spoiler and it will most likely not affect your movie experience, since it was said in all the trailers almost, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you want, you may skip to where there is the first time skip indicated by the Baymax's You have been warned.~
Hiro turned in his chair at the sound of a light knocking on the wall of his lab. He smiled to see his great, life-long friend, (Name), standing in the door way. "Hey, (Name)."
"Hi, Hiro!" (Name) chirped. She entered the garage, clasping her hand on Hiro's shoulder, patting it roughly. "Ready to go? Your
:iconrobottoxic:RobotToxic 941 304
FNAF Human!Bonnie x male!reader pt.3
      after finishing your homework you checked the time and saw it was 9:30 p.m got up and went downstairs but you stopped when you heard a noise. 'what was that?' you thought grabbing a lamp and slowly walking down the stairs. carefully taking a step you looked into the kitchen and saw that the refrigerator door was open. putting the lamp down you went and closed the door. "you know that milk is about to expire right?" you turned around and saw bonnie who was standing right behind you. "b-bonnie wh-....what are you doing here?" you asked with a hand over your chest. " I was kicked out of my house by my drunk dad so I came here" he said sitting on the counter. you looked at him a bit sad. "can I spend the night here (y/n)?" "of course you can~! follow me but be quiet my family's asleep".
   taking his hand you walked up the stairs to your room. silently opening your door to your room, you lead him to your bed and shut the door. "wow, n
:iconecchicakes16:Ecchicakes16 65 15


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For mone iniciative,i decide to use bases,and now i'm using a drawing of Falvie of base BUT PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I,OF COURSE,WILL CREDIT HER! I DON'T COPY! BUT FOR MORE INICIATIVE I USE A ''BASE'' OF HERS. Please don't kill me,that already happend to me and now i'm in a complete trauma. 


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Vivienne Wolfrieg
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Hey there! Hello! I'm Wii! I hope you like my arts,i'm new in this thing,hm... And thanks for everybody that follows me,watch me or give me a f*cking cute llama bandage! <333 :3 It's so cute! And i'm a good friend. Need help? You can call me,my facebook will be here,add me if you need,sometimes i can be very boring,sorry >-<

(You can use She/he/xhe/they pronouns! Good bye,have a nice day)


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